About us

We at Pennine Financial Planning provide our clients with an honest appraisal of their current circumstances working with them to achieve their goals.  Our current clients comprise individuals, couples, families, trustees, business owners and their businesses, of all ages and from all walks of life. Our ideal client is one who understands and appreciates the value of investing in a long term relationship with an independent financial planner.

The Managing Director of Pennine Financial Planning is Alan Mills who has over 20 years experience as a financial adviser. In addition to his extensive practical experience and knowledge in financial planning, Alan also has numerous relevant advanced qualifications in the industry.

  • Chartered Financial Planner : Certified Financial Planner [CFP]
  • Advanced Financial Planning Certificate [AFPC]
  • Pensions [G60]
  • Pensions Simplification [CF9]
  • Taxation and Trusts [G10]
  • Personal Investment Planning [G20]
  • Pension Income Options [J05]
  • Pension Funding [J04]
  • Trusts [J02]
  • Mortgage Advice [CF6]
  • Investment & Risk [CF2]
  • Long Term Care [CF8]

I want to help people achieve their lifetime goals, whether to retire early or simply provide a secure financial future for their family….. I feel that a lot of financial advisers have lost their way over the last few years and have forgoten the real role that a financial planner should play in their clients future. It is not all about money. Many advisers believe that all client reviews must end in some form of product sale, fee or commission. This should not be the case. [Alan Mills – Managing Director of Pennine Financial Planning]

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